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Pet Wellness Exams

A wellness exam allows us to confirm that your pet is healthy and detect any potential problems early on.

Pet Wellness Exams in Phoenix, AZ

While we are happy to help with all types of exams, including puppy and kitten exams and routine pet check-ups, we encourage all of our clients to schedule a periodic pet wellness exam when they have the time. We can confirm that your pet is healthy and detect any potential problems early on with a wellness exam.
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Pet Wellness Exams

A wellness exam should be performed at least once a year to determine your pet’s overall health. Several tests, such as urine, blood, and parasite screening, are frequently included in the exam. As your Phoenix, AZ animal hospital, we believe in the importance of an annual wellness exam to track your pet’s health on a regular basis. This allows us to detect diseases sooner rather than later when it is often easier to fix or prevent health issues.

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Customized Pet Exams

North Phoenix Animal Clinic’s pet exams are tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Your veterinarian will perform a thorough examination based on several factors, including your pet’s age and current health status. You may be required to fill out a list detailing your pet’s medical history, as well as explain any current health issues your pet is experiencing. Your veterinarian will examine your pet’s heart rate, breathing, skin, eyes, coat, joints, nails, and ears, among other things. They will suggest various diagnostic tests, such as a blood test, urinalysis, and parasite stool test. As your pet ages and develops health problems, your veterinarian may modify the wellness exam, including increasing the frequency of the exams. For older pets, a wellness exam every six months is standard.
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Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam In Phoenix Today!

Every reputable veterinarian in the country will attest to the importance of pet wellness exams in detecting and preventing disease in pets. North Phoenix Animal Clinic is your pet exam resource in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

If you haven’t already, call us at 602-787-4240 to schedule your pet’s wellness exam. Remember, we are available for all of your pet’s health care needs, including puppy and kitten exams, as well as general pet check-ups!